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The company headquarters are based in Herzliya Pituach, Israel.


Founded on 2010 by graduates of the Israeli NSA tech unit .
Cigol’s team of FPGA and embedded SW Engineers has been working together for over 10 years, since serving together as a team in the Israeli NSA network security hardware department.


Delivers customized hardware security suites to any type of network.Cigol is a trusted partner of Intel/Altera and Xilinx.
CiGOL Serves leading customers in aerospace, defense and telecom, providing critical security pieces of billion dollar projects


Or Shoshani

Graduate of Israeli NSA tech unit. Or has vast experience in leading multi-million dollar projects including internal teams and subcontractors.

Aviad Levy

Graduate of elite Israeli NSA tech unit . Aviad has 12 years of experience in crypto algorithmic design and FPGA architecture on embedded platforms.

Oriel Vaturi

Graduate of elite Israeli NSA tech unit . Oriel has over 10 years of extensive R&D experience in development of FPGA and Real-time embedded systems security based solutions



Leveraging its team’s expertise and several years of helping customers define and implement a wide range of security solutions, Cigol has developed a suite of security IP cores, software drivers, and a unique system-level security-oriented design methodology.

It is able to secure any environment through proprietary hardware-software partitioning, Side Channel Attack counter-measures, Denial of Service counter-measures, Remote Code Execution counter-measures, secure boot, hardware filtering, and more. Beyond ensuring the best system-level security, Cigol’s methodology also guarantees quick time-to-market and high quality.

Cigol’s IP core library includes highly-competitive cores like AES, MD5, SHA2, RSA, and ECC, to support standard protocols such as IPSEC, SSL, and TLS.



First, the need for security in every layer of the network stack is increasing in a wide range of markets including data center, communications,industrial IoT, automotive, and military.
Vendors acknowledge that software-based security solutions provide limited resistance to today’s growing security threats, driving a growing demand for hardware-based solutions.

Also, as designing ASICs is cost prohibitive in most markets, along with the need for flexibility and programmability, FPGAs are becoming key ingredients in implementing security functions.
FPGAs combine the security merits of a true hardware implementation with software-like flexibility and development time. They are therefore increasingly adopted in NICs, servers, appliances, and other network-connected systems.



Defining and implementing effective and efficient FPGA-based security solutions face a variety of challenges in many aspects. These include identifying and prioritizing the threats to defend against, defining the best system-level architecture, partitioning between software and hardware for optimal functionality, performance, and cost, minimizing attack surface and vulnerabilities, and efficient implementation of the hardware itself.

Overcoming these challenges requires multi-disciplinary expertise in system architecture, threat vector analysis, security functions and algorithms, embedded software, and FPGA design. Straightforward integration of off-the-shelf IP cores falls short of typical requirements.

In addition, many companies who adopt FPGAs for the first time don’t have the expertise needed to define and implement efficient solutions, and reliance on emerging high-level programming languages does not produce the desired results, especially when it comes to system security.



Cigol delivers unique FPGA-based security solutions. The Company has leveraged its deep expertise in system-level security, networking, embedded software and FPGA design to develop a rich suite of security IP cores, software drivers, and a proprietary system-level design methodology that ensures maximum security, quick time-to-market, and high quality.

Since its founding in 2010, Cigol has been serving many aerospace, military and telecom customers, providing critical security solutions to billion dollar projects . The Company has not received any equity investment, and is funded by customer projects.



Cigol is looking for new “high-end” team members. If you are a skilled, reliable, responsible, self learning, team playing, communicative, organized, “high end” professional, looking to join a strong, flexible, yet well established research and development team, you are more than welcome to apply to one of our open positions.

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